July 28, 2020

Royal Wines Shifts Advertising Budget to Digital but Others Stay the Course

New York…To advertise or not to advertise? This was a dilemma faced by many companies during the last few months during the Covid-19 pandemic. While many kosher food companies opted to continue branding themselves and even introducing new products during Covid, several others either shifted to social media or went dark altogether. With the stay-at-home orders that have significantly reduced foot and road traffic over the past 4 months, Royal Wine has progressively shifted some of its outdoor budget towards digital advertising. “Targeted ads for brands such as Jeunesse and Bartenura have been featured all over the internet and on social media with millions of impressions and extremely high consumer interaction,” says Royal’s Marketing Director David Levy. Major magazines and newspapers that cater to the kosher market seemed to include many kosher brands during the months of the lockdown, albeit on a reduced scale that one expert guessed was about 40%.