February 5, 2018

Royal Wines Events Maintain Role of Educator, Now Both in Food and Wine

New York…It is now 12 years that the Bayonne NJ based Royal Wine Corporation has sponsored kosher food and wine events, first in New York and most recently in Miami, Los Angeles, London and Tel Aviv. Although primarily a showcase for its impressive collection of wines from around the world, the event is also designed to position the company as a leader in kosher foods and wines. Kayco, the company’s affiliate kosher food distribution company, has quickly emerged as one of the leaders in the industry. The February 5th event is divided into a huge trade event primarily for some 700 wines while an evening session is open to the public and includes both the wines and a plethora of upscale kosher restaurants and other food stores.

For many years, Royal Wines (Kedem) has been credited with being “the educator” of kosher wines. It evolved from once being a source for sweet sacramental wines to being a key manufacturer, importer and distributor of the world’s best wines and spirits. At this year’s event, the Kosher Food and Wine Event in New York showcased new wines for the upcoming Passover holiday, including a LVOV Vodka distilled from beets and a Tequila made from wild agave, both kosher for Passover. Since 1948, Royal Wine Corp., also known as Kedem, has been owned and operated in the United States by the Herzog family, whose winemaking roots date back eight generations to 19th century Czechoslovakia.