June 3, 2020

Royal Wine Puts its Bestseller Bartenura Moscato in a Can

Bayonne NJ….The Bartenura Moscato Wine, a bestseller for the Royal Wine Company, is now available in a can, “a trend we’ve been watching for a while,” says Nathan Herzog of the Royal Wine Company. “We pride ourselves in innovation and this new convenience for wine lovers will enhance their experience whether at home or on the road.” Affectionately known as the “blue bottle, the Bartenura wines sell well beyond the kosher market. Mr. Herzog noted that the new product “really took off,” citing the plan to sell the cans in the 250 stores of Total Wines as an example of its broad acceptance. The Bartenura Moscato will most likely be the first of many popular wines to be produced in a can, which most people will enjoy chilled. The blue bottle is a basic wine seen at many Jewish events and enjoyed because of its unique blend of tastes and sweetness. Like its wine in the bottle, the cans have 5% alcohol.