August 17, 2021

Rosh Hashanah in August in Supermarkets

Brooklyn…Normally, Edith, a mother of 5 would still be vacationing in the Catskills in mid-August, but this year is different. Rosh Hashanah (eve of September 6th – Labor Day) is only three weeks away and three of her children are beginning school in days. She was shopping to replenish her depleted fridge and pantry and buying meat for the upcoming holidays. A few customers were still buying hot dogs and buns for a planned barbecue, but Rosh Hashanah and the near month of holidays was on everyone’s mind, not the least of which were the retailers that had to condense three buying seasons into one: post vacation, return to school and pre-holiday. One manager glanced at the 2022 calendar when Rosh Hashanah will fall on the eve of September 25th and most holidays will be in October, saying “it looks like I’ll have to vacation next year.” He then referred to an old joke by the recently departed Jackie Mason: “The Jewish holidays are either early or late; they’re never on time!”