September 1, 2021

Rosh Hashanah Gift Giving Soars

New York…Phil and Harriett remember the tedious task their parents used to engage in by sending out Shana Tova cards. To forget a good friend or a relative was a cardinal sin not forgivable even on Yom Kippur. This year they are sending out small honey jars with neatly tied ribbons. The honey of today is not your simple Golden Blossom Honey of yesteryear. Nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes and the prices range from the teens to well over $100. Kosher supermarkets sell a broad variety of honey products ranging from the classics priced at just a few dollars to the upscale gourmet version like the Manuka Honey from New Zealand which sells at the Breadberry Kosher Supermarket for $300. At Oh Nuts, a 16-pack of assorted honey products sells for $34.99 while a pack of 108 sells for $176.99. And honey isn’t just honey anymore as they come in all flavors. Or you can buy a Dipped Apple Duo from Challah and Co. for $35.99. While Rosh Hashanah is mostly thought of as a time for introspection and prayer, it is emerging as a key gift-giving holiday. “There is no better way to send a wish for a sweet new year to someone’s home than with honey,” remarked one retailer. He noted that while the honey is often part of a gift pack that includes honey cookies or cake and wine, many people simply give “a fancy bottle of honey.”