May 24, 2018

Robust Shavuos Sales Called Historic by Many Retailers

Brooklyn…It was a holiday that saw “every section of the supermarket does well,” was the analysis by a kosher supermarket executive. And for good reason. The two-day Shavuos holiday which was preceded by a Shabbat included both dairy and meat meals. The sushi section, frozen and fresh blintzes, all fish categories, and, of course, bakery were also in play. In the end, a survey by Kosher Today showed a 10% increase in sales this Shavuos over 2017. The volume of sales in many areas, most notably in the Northeast, ranked third behind Passover and the High Holy Days. There were some interesting new twists to Shavuos sales such as a significant increase in sushi sales, more gift-giving, significant boost in wine sales, and more home-baking. Some stores said that they had as much as a 20% increase in the sale of cheesecakes.