February 6, 2017

Rise of “Kosher Community” to Have Impact on Kosher for Many Years to Come

New York - Social media has definitely played an important role in the creation of a robust multi-faceted “kosher community” that includes bloggers, websites, special magazines, and events. For the first time, many industry executives are taking this new development seriously, predicting that it will have an impact on trends and buying habits of consumers and thus the bottom line. An increasing number of under-40 consumers are influenced by special websites like the relatively new Kosher.com, magazines like Wisk (a weekly supplement of Ami), Mishpacha and Binah. Some of the industry executives have taken note of what some refer to as the “kosher divas” like Jamie Geller, Suzie Fishbein, Victoria Dweck and Levana Kirschenbaum. Said one executive: “The kosher community is very active and they can spell the difference of success vs. failure for a product.” Many of the bloggers focus on the quality and the health impact of products, often directly effecting customer’s decisions.”  The bloggers meet at an annual event, KosherFeast, which takes place on the eve of Kosherfest, which many credit for the rise of the kosher community. Whereas only a few years ago, the industry largely ignored this phenomenon, nowadays many are even using the “community” to promote their products. Many of the industry people reached by Kosher Today say that “the community,” as they now refer to it, will have even more of an impact in years to come, thanks to social media. One retailer remarked: “Every time there is a new cookbook, I seem to feel it in terms of the demand for certain ingredients.” Welcome to the new world of kosher!