September 30, 2009

Retailers Report Better than Expected Rosh Hashanah Sales

New York…It seems that a gloomy forecast for sliding sales on Rosh Hashanah never materialized. Instead, most retailers reported sales increases of 8% - 13% over 2008, which had also experienced a 12% increase over 2007. Surveying nearly a dozen retailers in even such competitive markets as Boro Park and Flatbush, the sales were far better than expected. In Flatbush, both Shoprite and Pomegranate were said to have recorded record sales. The retailers themselves were surprised given that a significant number of customers were still suffering from the recession. Some of the stores said that shoppers opted for many new and different products including pastries, desserts, pasta, and sauces. One retailer said: “I was surprised to see customers who were very price conscious for months before the holiday suddenly splurge on gourmet items.” He and other retailers immediately focused on Yom Kippur last Monday and the upcoming Succoth holiday that begins on Friday evening October 2nd. Yakov Yarmove of SuperValu made sure that the ads for such stores as Jewel-Osco reflected the long nine day holiday including the interim days (Chol Hamoed) when many families travel. The items that are promoted in the FSI’s range from meats to cheeses. Orlando will apparently be a destination of choice this holiday as thousands descend on the home of Disney and other attractions. The park is scheduled to have a Succah and travelers will find a number of kosher offerings in the resort.