August 12, 2013

Retailers Predict Strong Sales as 3-Day Rosh Hashanah, Back to School Merge

NEW YORK — The Back to School rush appears to be in full swing even as it is not yet mid-August. Long lines were reported at shoe and clothing stores in many neighborhoods. Many kosher retailers are already stocking their shelves for Rosh Hashanah (set to begin on the eve of September 4th), well before their normal time for stocking the shelves. 

Many retailers reached by Kosher Today said that they expect a heavy buying time during the last week of August, as many vacationers this year will end their annual sojourn a week to 10 days early. Rosh Hashanah this year falls only two days after Labor Day and it is immediately followed by Shabbat. All of the Jewish holidays this year fall in September, which is highly unusual. “The quirks in this year’s calendar will require adjustments,” one retailer said. “We have three 3-day holidays, all in September as Rosh Hashanah, Succoth, and Simchat Torah are all followed by a Shabbos.” The upshot is that retailers expect much larger baskets and are preparing for a Jewish calendar this year that is extremely rare.

Photo/ami petter-lipstein