August 31, 2009

Retailers Ponder Pomegranate Success as Store Celebrates its Birthday

Brooklyn…As the Pomegranate kosher supermarket was celebrating its first birthday with a great deal of fanfare on August 19th, many retailers around the country were taking a closer look at the apparent success of the store in attracting large number of consumers. Most marketers and retailers credited the store’s aggressive branding program that touted quality. One retailer said: “The store’s name was already a winner. It had neither the word kosher nor a Jewish family name in it. Instead it used a fruit known for its uniqueness and quality.” Many neighboring stores that had lost business to the 20,000 square foot kosher supermarket have begun adopting some of the branding programs, including taking out large ads in Jewish weeklies and offering consumers meal ideas. Pomegranate’s birthday party was consistent with its aggressive branding program. It attracted some 2500 people on a day filled with celebrity Jewish music stars, prizes, and appearances by elected officials. A trio of musicians played everything from Fiddler on The Roof to the Hora, along with a life-like Pomegranate tree, clowns, balloons and mouthwatering samples of meats, cheeses, candy, appetizers, dips, sauces, and sushi. For consumers the reasons for the success of the store were for such obvious reasons as the wide aisles, freshly made homemade dishes, valet parking and a variety of kosher foods that appealed to every palate. A wholesaler who sells to Pomegranate and to many neighboring stores says that “They were all used to doing business a certain way and now everything has changed. Pomegranate may be the laboratory which changes an entire industry.” Despite their envy, even competitors admired what Abraham Bondo, Pomegranate’s visionary owner, accomplished in just one year.