August 22, 2016

Retailers Plan Uncharacteristic Back to School Program

New York - It is late August, a time of year where the kosher world characteristically is in the midst of the mad rush for the upcoming High Holy Days. But this year with the eve of Rosh Hashanah falling as late as October 2nd, kosher retailers are instead focused on a “Back to School” and “Restock Your Pantry” program for at least the beginning of the month of September. In New York City alone, more than 100,000 children will be returning to Jewish non-public schools, a dramatic increase over just a year ago. Natural growth, say many officials in the kosher food industry, is in part driving sales in the Big Apple. Said one distributor: “There are simply many more mouths to feed and this growth is good for kosher.” This is also a time of year when tens of thousands return from vacations and are restocking their pantries. The distributor added: “Usually, we don’t have enough time to focus on the restocking and simply hope that preparing for Rosh Hashanah will mean restocking, but this year we actually have ample time to do both.” Ironically in many cases, manufacturers and distributors are already planning for Passover 2017. The early word is that there will be a record number of new kosher food and wine products this Passover, many of them to be showcased at Kosherfest in November.