February 19, 2020

Retailers Gear up for Purim Holiday with New Merchandising Ideas

Monsey…It was still three weeks to the holiday of Purim (eve of March 9th) but some stores looked every bit as festive with gift baskets, hamantaschen, toy megillahs and costumes. Entire families were already shopping for the holiday. Some stores, most notably Pomegranate in Brooklyn, will feature a holidays scene display. It is a one-day holiday that relies heavily on good merchandising. It is also a season where wine and gourmet items are part of the traditional Mishloach Manos packages that are delivered to families and friends. Many of the young shoppers were filling shopping carts with goods that fit into their Purim “themes.” One family was preparing to dress up as ice cream truck workers. Some kosher experts say that Purim sales have more than doubled in the last five years.