May 23, 2016

Retail and On-Line Sale of Cheesecake Expected to Soar for “3-Day Shavuos”

New York… Cheesecake will be at the center of at least one dairy meal come Shavuos (June 12-13), and the 3-day holiday, as it is being referred to, may be part of the reason. Kosher experts say that given the fact that the 2-day Shavuos holiday is preceded by a Shabbos, kosher consumers will have 6 major meals to contend with making at least one dairy meal a must. Jews eat dairy on a holiday that celebrates the delivery of the Torah to the Jewish people on Mt. Sinai because the laws of mixing milk and dairy were not yet delineated at the time. Cheesecake sales have risen steadily over the past few years with retailers saying that in 2015, the increase was as high as 18%-20%. On-line cheesecake sales, including through Amazon have also sharply increased last year. On-line delivery of brands like Gevini and Lilac and Crème began early to capture of what some say is a growing gift-giving season. Independent kosher retailers say they expect sales to do “even better than last year.” Many of the foodie sites and magazines were already goading housewives to bake the ultimate cheesecake. Whether customers buy the cheesecake in a store, on-line or make it from scratch, the market is preparing for a banner cheesecake season. But no worries since all other fish and dairy categories will not be far behind.