May 1, 2017

Restocking Worthy of a Holiday; Passover Sales Grow by 12%

New York- It was Wednesday, the day after Passover, and the usual restocking of pantries took on added purpose as it was also the routine key shopping day for Shabbos. Many kosher stores worked through the night on Tuesday while others struggled to replenish empty shelves throughout Wednesday and Thursday. There was also the added pressure on the store kitchens to ready the prepared foods that would be needed for the upcoming Shabbos. Several stores reached by Kosher Today said that sales during the three days after Passover “reached holiday proportions.” As usual, the restocking effort meant that there were some shortages, particularly of baked goods. Retailers were also celebrating an estimated 12% growth of Passover sales in 2017, making this past Passover the best ever. More than $1.3 billion of kosher for Passover foods were sold during the Passover season.