April 28, 2014

Restocking Turns out to be the Holiday after the Holiday

NEW YORK — Within minutes after Passover ended, restocking empty pantries or filling pantries that still had some leftover Passover items that somehow generate a snicker after the holiday had ended. Yakov Yarmove of Jewel Osco even featured a “restocking” ad with such products as frozen pizza, croutons, and snacks. So important has restocking become, that many retailers actively plan for the after Passover shopping sprees. Some even laying out the store so as to be able to quickly open their chametz shelves. 

Despite the preparations, retailers say, it takes up to a full week to receive shipments of many items, including dairy, refrigerated and frozen. Retailers often fret that many customers consider Kosher for Passover as the absolute shelf life of the product despite the fact that products often have a far longer shelf life. Other customers are anxious to return to a non-Passover taste since many Passover items have somewhat of a different taste due to flavorings, or other replacement ingredients. “Restocking has become the holiday after the holiday,” said one retailer, adding: “it was a bit more challenging this year as we immediately had to prepare for Shabbos.”