April 14, 2015

Restocking “Holiday” Underway Following a Slow Sunday

NEW YORK - For many stores, the day after Passover is always hectic as Passover shelves are transitioned back to year-round mode. But this year with the day after being a Sunday, many deliveries were not made leaving many customers to search for such items as cereals. Stores traditionally keep enough of the year-round foods stored for the hours and days after the holiday, but they also rely on some deliveries, particularly on pastries and refrigerated items.  So important has restocking become that many retailers actively plan for the after Passover shopping sprees, some even laying out the store so as to be able to quickly open their chametz shelves. Despite the preparations, retailers say, it takes up to a full week to receive shipments of many items, including dairy, refrigerated and frozen. Retailers often fret that many customers consider Kosher for Passover as the absolute shelf life of the product despite the fact that products often have a far longer shelf life. Other customers are anxious to return to a non-Passover taste since many Passover items have somewhat of a different taste due to flavorings, or other replacement ingredients.