October 13, 2015

Restaurateur Brings his Mode of Upscale Kosher Foods to Brooklyn; What’s Next?

New York - In the span of a few months, Avenue J had gone from mourning the closing of the last of a chain of glatt kosher fast food restaurants (Kosher Delight) to welcoming the arrival of two side-by-side new upscale meat and dairy restaurants by The Prime Hospitality Group, best known for its Prime Grill Restaurant, relocated recently to the Sony Building at 550 Madison Avenue.  "Pizza da Solo and Shake Factory" offers gourmet pizza, paninis, specialty coffees and exotic fruit shakes while the "Prime Burger" serves gourmet burgers made from their specialty mixed grind, from their separate OU certified meat kitchen. Owner Joey Allaham is credited with revolutionizing the kosher restaurant scene, albeit that several of his ventures have been less than successful. Still his network of restaurants that includes the Prime Grill, Prime KO, and Prime at the Bentley as well as his Prime Butcher and Bakery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side makes him one of the largest kosher restaurant chains in the world. The Prime Hospitality Group also sponsors a successful Passover program at The St. Regis in Laguna Beach, California. To keep up with all of Joey’s programs, one need only to follow him on Twitter where he regularly posts news about his restaurants. Industry observers are watching his newest Brooklyn ventures as to how far Joey will go in the coming years.