November 3, 2014

“Restaurant Guy” Sponsors Scavenger Hunt to Promote Kosher Restaurants

New York- Whoever thought that a scavenger hunt would be used to promote kosher restaurants? Apparently Elan Kornblum surmised that a journey that winds through some of the best kosher restaurants would help engage more customers who stood to win many prizes including free dining at some of the finest restaurants. The scavenger hunt involves a series of challenges that includes answering kosher restaurant trivia like in what year did Schmulka Bernstein’s on the Lower East Side open and close. Taking a selfie at a kosher restaurant and using twitter about one’s experience at an eatery is also part of the fun. But Elan also manages to promote his excellent Great Kosher Restaurants Guide which is the definitive directory on the growing number of kosher restaurants. In fact, in between editions, Kornblum disseminates a newsletter and maintains a dynamic website with the latest openings and closings of kosher restaurants. Appropriately, the scavenger hunt will end at next week’s Kosherfest where the winners will be announced. Many restaurant owners applaud Kornblum’s genius in promoting kosher restaurants through his multi-faceted program of discount coupons and events as well his extensive use of social media. The scavenger hunt is the latest chapter in Mr. Kornblum’s successful promotion of kosher restaurants.



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