January 23, 2017

Reputation of Kosher Continues to Grow Amongst Mainstream Consumers

New York - Mainstream consumers in the US very much respect kosher, say retailers. They point to the popularity of many kosher items like deli, salt, pickles, and even crackers.  They also say that more non-traditional kosher consumers are stopping at kosher sections in kosher destination stores. “Customers actually ask me for the kosher version in many categories,” said one retailer. With at least 2,000 newly certified kosher items in the last five years, supermarket shelves have more items with kosher symbols than ever before with some stores exceeding 20,000 items. There are even stories of cases where the term kosher was “taken too far.” The Associated Press reported on 70 year-old oyster distributor Leroy "Lee Lee" Chauvin who found out the hard way that you can’t market "kosher oysters." He believed that because he developed a method to purify his oysters, he could say that his oysters were "Certified Kosher." He ultimately removed the sign when he learned that oysters cannot be kosher under any circumstances. One wholesaler told Kosher Today that he is constantly being asked whether new products can be sold as kosher. What it all points to, say food industry people, “kosher is definitely in.”