October 11, 2010

Reopening of JewelÕs Kosher Marketplace a Model of the Store of the Future

Chicago, ILL…The Grand Reopening of the Jewel’s at 3487 Howard Street in Evanston, IL on Thursday October 7th was a celebration of a new era for kosher, according to the many kosher purveyors who attended the ceremony. The store, which is part of the SuperValu chain serves the dynamic and growing kosher market in the Chicago area. It is for all practical purposes a kosher superstore that features many stores within a store. Beautifully designed and showcased according to categories, it includes special sections for kosher deli, kosher pre-pack and chumus, kosher cheese from around the world, smoked fish and nova, kosher fish, fresh meat (cut on premises), poultry, sushi (made in the store), a full dairy case, bakery (6 local bakeries represented), 35 freezer doors of kosher, Taste of Israel, party goods for kosher consumer, 200 linear feet of kosher grocery, and a wide assortment of wines. The store also includes the Tein Li Chow kosher restaurant. The store has its own kosher manager, Levi Lefkowitz, and a team of kosher supervisors from the Orthodox Union, headed by Rabbi Yosef Weinhaus. The store opening included many promotions and food demonstrations. A number of leading kosher food manufacturers attended the impressive grand opening ceremony that included a ribbon cutting ceremony. The major expansion of the Jewel’s store is the brainchild of Yakov M. Yarmove, Corporate Business Development Manager - Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods for SuperValu. Although he is responsible for the development of kosher sections in dozens of stores throughout the SuperValu chain, the Evanston store is clearly the flagship store and now a model store for the entire industry.