February 9, 2015

Record Number of Passover Vacationers Expected This Year at Hotels

NEW YORK — A record number of Jews are expected to spend Passover (eve of April 3-18) at resorts, hotels and other Passover programs throughout the world. Travel experts say that the relative early Passover date is contributing to healthy Passover bookings as is an improved economy. An estimated 50,000 people spent Passover at these programs last year, excluding the large number of Israelis who spend Passover at hotels in Israel and elsewhere. There appears to be an appreciable decline in the number of Israelis headed to such destinations as Turkey and the Sinai due to concerns over security.

The choices for vacationers continued to increase with several new destinations, including Europe and the Caribbean including Cuba and Curacao, according to Raphi Bloom of www.totallyjewishtravel.com. He is also impressed that a program in Morocco has become so popular. The well-known Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas, sponsored by Kosherica, will have a Passover program this year.

In its ever expanding programs, the Prime Group is offering options in Laguna Begis (St. Regis), Vieques Island (W) and Aspen (St. Regis). Florida remains a popular destination with many of South Florida’s major properties sponsoring Passover programs. Several not-for-profit organizations sponsor programs with the newest addition being the Ohr Nava program in Phoenix. There are many international destinations such as Canada, Italy, Costa Rica, Spain, Puerto Rico, the UK, and Austria.

Said Mr. Bloom: “We have more hotels advertising with us - over 120 from around the world. Our Hebrew website is seeing significant traffic from Israelis (not Anglo Israelis but "native" Israelis) seeking European Pesach vacations as well. We also see lots of French operators who run programs in Europe (i.e. Greece and Spain) targeting the US and UK market.