September 14, 2009

Record Number of New Products Expected at the Kosherfest New Products Competition

Portland MEā€¦The New Products Competition is always considered one of the highlights of the annual Kosherfest trade show, which this year takes place October 27-28 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus NJ. Organizers expect a record number of submissions for the contest which will take place at the Marriott Glenpointe in Teaneck NJ. The competition is open to exhibitors of Kosherfest with non-perishables due no later than October 1st and perishables by October 13th.As in the past year, a distinguished panel of food industry professionals will select the winners from amongst 17 categories including Wines, Beer or Spirits; Meats, Seafood or Poultry; Cheese or Dairy and Baked Goods, Breads, Grains or Cereals. The food industry continues to produce a large number of new products with kosher certification each year. According to the Mintel Research Organization, kosher remains the leading claim on new products. Winners of the competition in the past managed to secure more favorable positioning in the kosher market and frequently in the food industry as a whole.