October 23, 2017

Record Number of New Products to be Introduced at Kosherfest ‘17

Secaucus, NJ - As the industry awaits the winners of the annual New Product Competition to be announced in the next issue of Kosher Today (October 30th), the indications are that as many as 500 new products will be introduced at Kosherfest ‘17 set to open on November 14th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center. These new items will include a significant number of gluten-free products. A major focus of the new products is Passover, where for example, Gefen will be introducing the first ever Lasagna. Kayco will introduce Yehuda Wassah crackers, a Passover spin on Wasa crackers.  In addition to the gluten-free items, many of the exhibitors will focus on healthier items that fit within the natural and organic categories. According to industry experts, new products in recent years have driven growth in kosher in almost every category. One retailer who admits that he was once “more comfortable” simply stocking shelves with familiar items, admits that younger consumers are definitely more apt to try the new items. He noted that a whole generation of foodies is “demanding” the new items.