September 24, 2012

Record Holiday Distribution of Kosher Food to NationÕs Poor

NEW YORK -- The number of Jewish families that required food assistance this holiday season has soared, according to officials associated with Jewish Federations and local food banks, several of which were desperately trying to avoid the shortages of 2011. The officials say that the increased demand was partially as a result of an aging population and the continued effects of a down economy. 

In New York, together with its network of Jewish Community Councils (JCCs), Met Council provided approximately 400,000 pounds of kosher food to over 25,000 families. It included an astounding 19,000 pounds of carrots, 12,000 pounds of challah, 18,000 jars of honey, 40,000 pounds of apples, and more than 16,000 bottles of grape juice have been given out to date.  

“This year we are seeing more individuals and families than ever welcome the Jewish New Year without a job or paycheck,” said Met Council CEO William E. Rapfogel.

Photo courtesy of Met Council