February 4, 2020

Record 115,000 Jews to Participate in Passover Programs this Passover

London…An estimated 115,000 Jews will participate in Passover (begins on the eve of April 8th) programs this year, an increase of as much as 15% over 2019. According to Raphi Bloom, co-owner of Totally Jewish Travel. Com, there is a significant increase in the number of programs in Europe by Israeli operators. Mr. Bloom says that it is part of the general increase in kosher travel throughout the year. New programs in Europe and Morocco are attracting a large number of Israelis followed by Europeans and Jews from North America. At least 7 hotels will be hosting Passover programs in Morocco. In addition to popular programs in Italy, Spain and France, other popular destinations will include the Greek Isles, Portugal, and many hotels in Eastern Europe, including Rumania. The relatively early Passover is extremely enticing to prospective travelers looking for warmer locations. It is also allowing skiers to still seek out skiing destinations. There appears to have somewhat of a shift from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to Mexico, most notably Cancun. Panama and Florida remain prime destinations. Mr. Bloom says that Americans are attracted to European locations because of significantly lower prices than the American programs. European programs have advertised heavily in the Jewish media in the US.