June 3, 2013

RCC Moves Aggressively to Head off Future Scandals

Los Angeles…Shaken by the meat scandal that rocked the community on the eve of Passover at the Doheny Meat Market, the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC) has moved forcefully to head off any repeat of the breech discovered at the market when unauthorized meat made its way into the store. Working closely with the Orthodox Union (OU) and the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO), the RCC has added supervisory staff and implemented many changes at its eating establishments. The RCC appointed Rabbi Pinchas Shedrowitsky as Senior Field Director to oversee all kashrus supervision in every one of the food establishments certified by the RCC. It also named a four-member executive committee of its Vaad Hakashrus to directly oversee and monitor the professional staff of the RCC.  Kosher Today has learned that the RCC has retained two kashrus experts, Rabbi Yaakov Luban of the OU and Rabbi Yossie Bodenstein, a local kashrus expert.