September 18, 2017

Rapid Recovery for Houston and South Florida

Miami - The impact of Hurricane Irma could not have come at a worse time for the many Jews in South Florida who were preparing for the Jewish New Year. Not only had the evacuations caused havoc for many families, but the loss of electricity meant that a great deal of product had to be discarded, so much so that Kosher Kingdom donated almost all of its perishables to a local Chabad organization for distribution. Hundreds of families from areas like North Miami Beach spent a Shabbat with their newly found friends in Atlanta who served more than 1000 people that Shabbat. What was happening in Miami seemed to be somewhat of a replay of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Joshua Wander, a volunteer who had flown all the way from Israel to help the Houston Jewish community, reported that “two of the city’s four kosher restaurants were damaged and temporarily closed.” He noted that thousands of people were being fed daily by Texas Grill from Dallas. Meat (and other food) was being donated from communities across the US with some shipments with product donated by more than 20 companies, organized by Quality Foods to both cities. Kosher sources report that most kosher food seems to have returned to both areas and that Jews will be able to celebrate the Jewish New Year in their homes with plenty of kosher foods as they always do.