November 21, 2017

Rabbi Yisroel Gildin Named Mashgiach of the Year by Kashrus Magazine

Secaucus, NJ - It is often called a thankless job but for hundreds of mashgichim, “kosher supervisors,” it is a career that enables the kosher food industry to thrive worldwide. To recognize these unsung heroes, an annual award is presented at Kosherfest by Kashrus Magazine, a periodic publication that covers the kosher food industry including its annual review of kosher certifications worldwide. The brainchild and publisher of Kashrus Magazine is Rabbi Yosef Wikler and the annual award consists of a prize of $1,000. This year’s award presented at Kosherfest went to Rabbi Yisroel Gildin, who works for the Kof-K kosher certification agency. Rabbi Gildin is the mashgiach at Gividaun, the largest flavor company in the US. Sponsors were Kosherfest, Kosher and Costa Rica Kosher Dovid Shapiro, who works for the OU as mashgiach at Five Star Caterers, was a second place winner and received a $250 gift certificate at Glatt Mart, Brooklyn, NY donated by the store. Dovid was seriously injured on a hotel job approximately 4 months ago with 2nd degree burns all over his legs and was in the hospital for a few weeks.