November 18, 2019

Rabbi Yaakov Yonason (J.J.) Eizik Crowned Mashgiach of the Year at Kosherfest

Secaucus… Rabbi J.J. Eizik was the winner of Kashrus Magazine's 9th annual "Mashgiach of The Year" Award. Presented at Kosherfest on November 14th, this year's winner also received a gift of $1,000. Rabbi Eizik is the Sous Chef and mashgiach at Nobo, the high-end Teaneck NJ restaurant. Full time, he is the eyes and ears representative of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County ("RCBC"), which provides kosher certification to Nobo. J.J. has impressed his boss and fellow workers and the administration of the "RCBC" with his unique blend of love for producing kosher food with modern techniques and special flavors combined with his unbending commitment to the highest standards of kosher. Kashrus Magazine selected him from among the nominees provided by the 1,456 kosher certifications worldwide as the "2019 Mashgiach of the Year".

Mashgichim (kashrus supervisors) are the unsung heroes who conduct the daily supervision of establishments throughout the world. They often work under extremely difficult conditions, but yet are part of a group that is very much dedicated to assuring the integrity of kashrus.