April 27, 2015

Quirk in Calendar and Israelis Adds Another Day of Passover

Jerusalem - For all practical purposes, Passover ended on Friday night April 10th in Israel but because of the Shabbos there was only one choice: to continue eating Passover foods on the day after. The quirk in the calendar meant that Israelis “kept Passover” for eight days instead of the customary seven. They had to wait, just like Jews in the Diaspora, to consume eating “chametz” until Saturday night. The “extra day” was a blessing in disguise for retailers who say they sold 10% more of Passover foods, including matzoh. The rush to falafel and pizza stores on Saturday night was unprecedented, according to some Israelis. The retailers are also hoping for a bump in sales for Shavuos which falls on May 24th but because the day before is a Shabbos, it will be a “two-day” holiday, which should mean more sales.