June 20, 2016

Quality Frozen Reinvents Itself with Coming Out Party

Brooklyn, NY…The recent event at the new Bison & Bourbon Restaurant in Brooklyn was to the many industry, media and community leaders who were there  a coming out of sorts for Quality Frozen, the well-known kosher food distributor. It was a time to introduce a younger generation of leadership and to unveil the scope of Quality’s most recent emergence as a manufacturer of a number of brands such as Chopsie’s, one of the original kosher pizza producers. The foray into retail is part of a trend where kosher food distributors such as Bertram’s are also involved in retail. For Moshe Semel, retail is certainly not new since his kosher grocery stores in Boro Park and the Catskills came well before his expansion into distribution 40 years ago. The business today is run by three generations including Semel’s daughter Gitel Liebler and the children of Semel’s late partner Eli Soffer. On display were some of the brands that Quality now either manufacturers or distributes, including Bodek (smoothies), Aufschnitt (turkey jerky), Dyna-Sea (sushi), Dipz,  Jack’s Gourmet (assorted creative meats), Unger’s (French Fries), Mendel’s (BBQ  meats), Noam Gourmet (gefilte fish) and many other well-known brands. The common denominator was that these were new and trendy kosher products that Quality hopes will define its future expansion. Many kosher food veterans were at the event where good food and ambience served as a perfect backdrop for the launch of a new upscale restaurant. They felt that Quality was making quite a statement in that it was vying for a leadership role in the thriving kosher market.