September 16, 2020


Warsaw…Animal rights activists are having a hard time convincing the country to give up on approximately $1 billion of kosher beef to satisfy their agenda. Poland’s agricultural industry has reacted furiously to new government proposals to restrict the slaughter of animals according to Jewish and Muslim rites. Israel continues to face a kosher beef shortage without cattle of its own and relies mostly on South America and Poland for its supply.

Last week, Jarosław Kaczyński, the veteran president of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) told a press conference in Warsaw that the government planned to introduce legislation that would effectively close down Polish exports of kosher meat.

Although the Israeli market has in recent years stepped up its import of meat products from South American meat, purveyors like the quality and cheaper labor that Poland offers.

“According to our estimates, one in five poultry animals slaughtered in Poland is slaughtered according to the halal or kosher system, which also accounts for 40 percent of Polish poultry meat exports,” observed a statement jointly issued by five poultry industry associations.

“Following the introduction of the ban, the Polish poultry industry, which is the main exporter in the EU, may collapse overnight,” the statement continued. The National Council of Agricultural Chambers warned that the legislation would involve a further critical blow to an industry already reeling from the impact of the Corona virus pandemic. Michael Schudrich, Poland’s chief rabbi, told Hamodia that “we will quickly find a workable solution that will allow Poland to continue having the privilege of providing meat for Jews in Israel, England, Belgium, and many other places.”