October 23, 2017

Purveyors with Own Plants Have Edge on New Products and Innovation

Monroe, NY - Kosherfest ’17 is expected to be a major venue for the unveiling of new products. Many of the kosher companies at the show travel the world year-round, visit many trade shows, and work with food brokers to find the new products that will be a hit in the kosher market. Others have existing contracts with manufacturers to produce their products and are at the mercy of the contracted plant to have the machinery and the wherewithal to develop new products. But for companies like KJ Poultry and Norman’s, the R & D function that leads to the development of new products takes place at their own plant. KJ Poultry, the largest kosher poultry producer in New York, has its own state-of-the-art USDA plant and will be rolling out such new deli items like Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Turkey Pastrami, and Chicken Franks. Having their own plant allows for constant research and development of new items, explained Mr. Chaim Oberlander, COO of KJ Poultry.

In Rutherford NJ, Norman’s believes that it controls its destiny with its own plant, continuously upgrading its machinery and rolling out new products. It too will be introducing Crème, a new yogurt dessert. It recently also was the first to introduce IQ, a squeezable yogurt, particularly popular with children. Of course, it was the first company to roll out Chalav Yisrael Greek Yogurt. Many other kosher food companies have their own plants and have similar abilities while some of the largest kosher distributors do not produce even a single product, finding the outsourcing and private label route to be more preferable.