February 19, 2013

Purim Gift Baskets a Growing Source of Revenues for Charities

BROOKLYN— Through storefronts, websites, catalogues and 800 numbers, the Purim gift basket concept is increasingly becoming the domain of not-for-profit charities. A leading kosher food expert who helped set up some of these programs, guessed that in New York City alone the program will net more than $7 million for charities in addition to the many who will be making donations in lieu of sending mishloach monos. 

In a storefront on New Utrecht Avenue, volunteer women are busy making baskets for Tomchei Shabbos, an organization that drops off food for Shabbos at the doorsteps of poor Jewish homes. “It is important that our baskets not be viewed as secondary for the sake of charity. Our baskets compete favorable with any commercial basket,” said one of the volunteers.