July 15, 2013

Promoter of Israeli Products Retires But Not from Israeli Products

CHICAGO — Howard I. Bernstein is retiring from the investment banking firm J. H. Chapman Group, which will now allow him to pursue his passion of promoting Israeli products in the US, including kosher foods. As a key figure in the Chicago chapter of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce, he has long supported initiatives to help Israel’s economy by promoting the prurchase of Israeli products in the US. He is a founder and promoter of www.buyisraelgoods.org. In June, there were 3,504 visits to product pages, up from 2,652 in June of 2012.  Over 3,600 BIG visitors left the site to go to the sites of online sellers of Israeli products. Visitors came to BIG from: United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany and France.