August 24, 2015

Is Probiotics the Future Trend in Kosher? Many Say Yes!

New York - Probiotics may be at the cusp of a new trend in kosher, much like gluten-free was only a few short years ago.  A number of kosher companies are said to be eyeing the national trend. According to the US National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, “probiotics are live microorganisms (in most cases, bacteria) that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut. They are also called friendly bacteria or good bacteria.” In a nutshell, probiotics play an important role in supporting digestive and immune health. The digestive system is responsible for over 70% of the body’s immune health. Antibiotics, poor diets, age, stress, travel and illness kill these beneficial bacteria and consuming probiotic foods daily helps to restore them, leading to improved overall health and well-being.

Realizing that many consumers purchase yogurt specifically for its probiotic nature, Norman’s Dairy, pioneers in the cholov yisroel industry,  has created a probiotic Greek yogurt with GanedenBC30® to give consumers 100% active and living cultures, guaranteeing an efficacious dose of probiotics from the moment the cups are filled, until the yogurt reaches the consumer’s mouth. In a matter of weeks, Norman’s Greek Pro+ yogurt will be hitting supermarket shelves around the country.  It is a world first for the cholov yisroel market, the first yogurt that doesn’t lose its probiotic efficacy over time. “GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulants GBI-30, 6086) is a patented unique probiotic strain that naturally forms a protective spore (like a seed that starts germinating in the body)   which allows it to survive the processing, heat/cold, time, and everything in between completely intact,” says Norman’s spokesman. “What’s more - GanedenBC30® is supported by rigorous safety and efficacy research, meaning that with a concentration of 1 billion CFU’s per gram it actually does what it claims, supporting digestive and immune health and supporting protein utilization.” Naturally sweetened with Stevia and no artificial color or flavoring, Norman’s Greek Pro+ comes in four flavors – blueberry, acai & pomegranate, cool key lime, vanilla bean, and strawberry redcurrant. Sources say that most yogurts claiming to contain active live cultures do not actually have adequate amounts of active probiotics. This is partly due to processing and temperature changes, but mainly because of prolonged shelf life. Some live probiotic culture strains die as time goes by, which leaves yogurt with insignificant amounts of active live cultures by the time they reach the refrigerator in the end user’s home.