January 7, 2013

Prime Grill Continues to Make News

NEW YORK — It almost seems that making kosher news is part of the raison d'etre of Joey Allaham, owner of the Prime Hospitality Group. Celebrating his Bar Mitzvah year, Mr. Allaham recently announced the closing of his flagship restaurant the Prime Grill on East 49th Street and its relocation to 25 West 56th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue) in March. In the interim Prime diners will have the option of dining at Joey’s other establishments including Solo, Prime KO and Prime at the Bentley. 

Despite the proliferation of a number of upscale eateries, the Prime Grill remains the favorite for many business executives. According to Allaham, the new space features bi-level seating for over 360 diners and will feature a special wine room with a premier collection of rare kosher wines. 

Said Allaham: “For me, the fact that this is happening upon the anniversary of our 13th year is very significant. We know that the number 13 symbolizes maturity and responsibility and a deeper commitment to become a more active member of the community.  This is precisely what I am doing by moving into a larger and more desirable location just off Fifth Avenue, in order to continue the kosher-food revolution we started in New York 13 years ago.”