March 23, 2015

Some Prices, Especially Beef, Rise for Passover 2015; Holiday Sales Expected to Soar

MONSEY, NY — The huge tent in the parking lot of the Evergreen kosher supermarket on Route 59 in Monsey reads “Passover Store.” Last year, the large supermarket’s first year, that Passover store was in in its stock rooms but this year the store is in a large tent featuring thousands of items. In many other stores throughout Rockland County, special refrigerators have been rented and some have separate stores. The same picture repeats itself in Jewish communities in New York City and elsewhere.

With Passover now less than two weeks away (eve of April 3rd), shoppers are stocking up for the eight-day holiday. In general, prices for most items were at or near 2014 prices with the exception of beef in some upscale stores where prices were 14% - 18% higher.  Some dairy prices are also higher as are some fish items. Kosher Today found a wide divergence of pricing with stores like KRM and Moshe’s having the best prices. There are many new items on supermarket shelves, many of which were featured in Kosher Today’s annual review of new Passover products in February. In general, industry sources are expecting an 8%-10% increase in sales.