April 27, 2021

Post-Passover Until Rosh Hashanah Offers Great Opportunities

New York…So much goes into preparing for Passover that some do not realize the potential of the 6-months following the holiday. It begins with what some retailers affectionately call “the restocking holiday” which immediately follows Passover. It is the period that customers restock their pantries and refrigerators and freezers. Shortly thereafter many stores showcase their growing cadre of Israeli food products by celebrating Israel’s independence (this year, the 73rd), known as Yom Ha’atzmaut. It is followed by Shavuos (May 17-18), also known as Pentecost or 'Feast of Weeks', Shavous is best known for the dairy products that are eaten highlighted by cheesecakes. Cheesecakes have become so popular that many websites promote the fare as gifts for the holiday.

One retailer told Kosher Today that it is this time of the year that he is promoting the cheesecakes but also foods for barbecues. In fact, while he sells hot dogs all year-round (even for Passover) he carries as many as a half dozen brands as well as deli, sausages, and burgers. His barbecue section also includes buns, skewers, charcoal, lighter fluid and plenty of French Fries and marshmallows. The focus on dairy will repeat itself in mid-summer during the Nine Days (mourning period for the destruction of the First and Second Temple). Once August comes, it will be full steam ahead with preparations for Rosh Hashanah which this year falls right after Labor Day.