April 21, 2020

Post-Passover Restocking Turns Creative This Year

Monsey…The restocking of chametz immediately following Passover turned creative this year in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a move approved by leading rabbis, several supermarkets teamed up with a charity to provide shoppers with their basic needs for the Shabbat that followed Passover. One pre-packed box included flour, oil, and bread. A second box included 3 challahs and 3 small rolls. Boxes were packed by volunteers at Evergreen in Monsey while the KRM Supermarket in Brooklyn packed the boxes. A similar program was also in effect in Lakewood. The charity that facilitated the program was Chasdei Lev. 460 people took advantage of the program in Brooklyn while 418 pre-ordered the boxes in Brooklyn. Shoppers pre-ordered the boxes by the 14th of April. Shoppers drove up to a pre-designated site on Friday April 17th, placed a sheet of paper with their names in their front windows. Fully protected workers then put the boxes in the trunks of cars without shoppers ever leaving their vehicles.

The day after Passover is typically a very busy day at supermarkets as shoppers seek to restock their pantries after the holidays. But in an effort to limit the number of customers, supermarkets encouraged programs like those in Monsey, Lakewood and Brooklyn.