December 6, 2010

Positioning Kosher Shelves Impacts Sales, Distributors Say

Secaucus, NJ…The location of a kosher shelf in a supermarket can make a difference in boosting sales of kosher foods. In discussions with many distributors and retailers at the recently held Kosherfest, Kosher Today learned that where a kosher or ethnic foods shelf that includes kosher is positioned in the store can potentially affect sales by as much as 10% - 15%. One distributor said that moving the aisle closer to the center exposes the kosher foods to non-traditional customers thereby increasing volume. “The notion that kosher customers will find you no matter what is no longer true; they have many options.” He added: “Kosher has many products that ordinary consumers like and they certainly will not go on a search mission to find them.” The distributors were specifically discussing stores that are not “A” stores where kosher merchandising is apparent throughout the store. Nor did they imply that it applied to the dairy case or to the kosher frozen doors that are clearly marked. “It’s that kosher aisle that is often buried,” the distributor said. There appeared to be examples in many key kosher markets where moving an aisle to a more central spot in the store made a huge difference. One retailer old Kosher Today that he successfully moved his “ethnic” aisle near natural and organic with a great deal of success. “I noticed that these aisles shared many of the same consumers,” he said. The discussion did not include Passover which has an entirely different mode of operation.