September 24, 2012

Poland a Leading Kosher Destination in 2012 as Travel Rebounds

WARSAW -- Travel to destinations in Europe are said to have rebounded from slumps in 2010 and 2011 but the big surge appeared to be travel to Poland, a destination filled with contrasts. Its history is rich and yet shocking, horrifying and yet meaningful. Although Poland is home to the Nazi death camps, it is also witness to the colorful past that used to flourish within its borders, a Jewish presence for nearly a millennium.  

For Israelis and Europeans the lure of cheap flights plus the suddenly flourishing kosher food availability made Poland a destination of choice. Several Israeli entrepreneurs as well as a select number of European caterers have upgraded their kosher food selections, perhaps none as much as the Etzioni family, owners of Kosher Delight of Poland. Whether visiting Prozna Street in Warsaw or the Jewish Ghetto in Lodz, a hot glatt kosher meal is only a drive or a phone call away. 

With bases in Warsaw, Lodz, and Krakow, Kosher Delight of Poland offers fresh homemade food every day, with low prices and special group rates. For 300 chassidim of Skver, a Shabbos in the ancient city of Krakow earlier this summer left them with everlasting memories. Their Shabbos meals was a magnificently catered event at the Galaxy Hotel by Kosher Delight.  The kosher food company has  an exclusive government permit that allows them to deliver directly to various hotels. Kosher Delight and the other caterers also served thousands of Jewish youth on heritage tours to Poland. 

Travel agents say that other major destinations this past summer included the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and in Western Europe, Italy and the UK, site of the Summer Olympics.