September 5, 2017

PINNED: A Historic First – A Google Presentation at Kosherfest 2017 Following Lubinsky’s State of the Industry Address

Secaucus, NJ - Yarden Horwitz, a Trendspotting Lead at Google, will deliver the keynote presentation at the opening breakfast (sponsored by session of Kosherfest 2017 on November 14th at 8:30 a.m. Ms. Horwitz will address the topic “Using Online Food Trends to Develop and Market Winning Products.” From the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino to Gluten Free diets and red velvet cupcakes, consumer food fads, trends and social media shared recipes and videos now deeply effect how food marketers, product developers and chefs plan their products. Yarden Horwitz of Google Trendspotting will share insights from the Google Food Trends Report on the most impactful search trends affecting the food industry at large, and how kosher food companies can leverage these trends to develop and promote winning products. Ms. Horwitz turns new data sets into cultural signals. In 2015, she co-founded Trendspotting at Google to help brands identify and understand shifts in consumer behaviors, values and intents. Yarden partners with top global brands to innovate in trends analyses with the goal of enabling consumer trend identification, exploration and prediction across categories. Prior to Trendspotting, Yarden consulted as a Google Brand Strategist for top brands in Fashion, CPG, and Food/Beverage. Ms. Horwitz will be introduced by Adina Zaiontz of Napkin Marketing (a Google partner based in Montreal) following the 29th annual State of the Industry address by Menachem Lubinsky. Napkin and Lubicom are collaborating on the new age of digital marketing. The breakfast is sponsored by Kosher.Com, the rapidly emerging definitive site for the kosher consumer.