January 13, 2014

Pathmark Wins Chumus Variety Contest with 25

BROOKLYN, NY — The Brooklyn Paper recently ran a comparison between three of Brooklyn’s largest food retailers, all of which have a significant number of kosher products. The Paper evaluated such shopping experiences as bike racks, prices of cheese, cheapest peanut butter, and salad bar prices per mound. The three stores, Whole Foods, Fairway, and Pathmark each chalked up an edge over the others in some categories, but particularly eye-catching was the 25 flavors of chumus reported by Pathmark as opposed to 20 by Fairway and only 12 for Whole Foods (which, of course would not accept chumus with other than healthy ingredients). 

Incidentally, Whole Foods did win the competition for Greek Yogurt with 18 despite the fact that the chain recently announced that it would no longer carry Chobani (the leader in Greek Yogurt) because of the ingredients. Pathmark reported 12 and Fairway 11.