November 3, 2014

Pasta Company Returns to Kosherfest to Increase Sales after Hiatus

Secaucus NJ- Chavi and Moshe Katzman are back at Kosherfest. Their New York Pasta was an exhibitor for many years but they have also been absent for a few years. Founded 17 years ago, the Katzmans always has an interest for food but didn't want to open a restaurant so they decided to do second best, manufacture gourmet pasta. NY pasta has a food service line, a retail line and their products are of the highest quality. They entered a blind tasting test with other non kosher pastas and they won with all their products. The Top seller of NY pasta is their pizza ravioli and cheese raviolis as well as their tortellinis. Their raviolis can be baked or fried in only 7 minutes. For food service, they have 30 different flavors of raviolis including pumpkin and sweet potato.