September 5, 2017

Passover Programs Begin Marketing to Get Head Start with Late March Holiday

New York - The buzz has already begun, at least on-line, for the 2018 Passover season. With Passover beginning as early as March 31st, many of the Passover programs are already advertising, according to Raphi Bloom of Totally Jewish Travel. “We are seeing more and more Pesach programs start to advertise September 1st on the web; they want to get out there as soon as possible and leave print till later,” he says. As was previously reported in Kosher Today, kosher travel throughout the year has grown significantly with Israeli travel leading the pack. Says Mr. Bloom: “Our website is experiencing huge growths in traffic as Israelis travel abroad more and more for kosher travel. The European kosher hotels and programs have been targeting them for a while now but slowly US operators are starting to run their advertising with us in Hebrew as well.” Bookings for the upcoming Succoth holiday in Israel and Europe is well ahead of 2016, experts say. Most surprising is the early activity for Passover, particularly in Israel. This past Passover some 16,000 Israelis traveled abroad for the holiday. At least 30 programs specifically targeted the Israeli market, including the exotic Cape Kosher Safari Pesach.