February 2, 2021

Passover Products Arrive at Warehouses; Some Shelves Open

Bayonne, NJ…. Miraculously most kosher for Passover items, many from Israel and China, have made it to port and are now being stocked in warehouses all over the country. In recent years, distributors have taken on more of an important role in stocking shelves for Passover. Harold Weiss of Kayco said that despite fears of shortages, he does not foresee any. “We do not see any shortages; we do see changes in itemization patterns by retailers.” Many stores will be opening their aisles during February. Said Mr. Weiss: “Start” days vary by market, but day one is in fact upon us.” He also did not agree with some who told Kosher Today that they expect Matzoh shortages. “We have been delivering since late December and we continue to meet expectations of our customer orders.” Despite the ongoing repercussions from COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Weiss and others expect some modest increases in sales. “My anticipation varies by market (for Passover); in some places, we already have substantial increases, in other areas, the Passover orders were more towards flat.”

Meanwhile, less than 25% of Passover programs will be opening, according to travel sources. Israeli hoteliers who expected to convert their usual foreign business to the domestic market are no longer banking on that because of the unprecedented spike of different strains of Covid and the government’s less than strong assurances that they will allow the domestic market to spend Passover in hotels. Much of the food that normally goes to the hotels will in fact go to the retail market, some distributors say. But retailers say that they expect that because of travel restrictions large family gatherings will in fact be scaled back.