February 4, 2013

Passover No Longer 40% for Some Kosher Companies as More Jews Celebrate Other Holidays

NEW YORK — For years it was assumed that 40% of sales of kosher foods revolve around the lucrative Passover holiday. According to studies by the United Jewish Communities and others, close to 90% of American Jews participate in at least one Seder and the basket of most Jews is well beyond what other consumers traditionally spend for major holidays. 

Several major kosher purveyors say that in the past two years, Passover has represented no more than 30% of annual sales but noted significant increases for Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, and such holidays as Purim and Yom Hatzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day). The real number appears to depend on the type of products produced. For example, several bakeries concentrate a great deal of their efforts on Passover and exceed 40% in their percentage of foods sold for Passover. 

Said one distributor: “I guess it it's good news that Jews who used to come into the market once a year are becoming twice a year customers or more.” He added: “More and more manufacturers are investing into great tasting products that stay on shelves year-round.”