February 16, 2021

Passover.com, New On-Line Passover Shopping Experience Launched

Bayonne, NJ…With the memory of last year’s Covid-19 Passover shopping experience still fresh in people’s mind, a new on-line shopping hub was recently launched. In 2020, many retailers pivoted to ecommerce and the percentage of people comfortably shopping for food online skyrocketed. This year, Passover.com is launching a reimagined Passover shopping experience- an online store that is geared specifically for 100% kosher for Passover shopping. For those who live outside major Jewish population centers, it can be even harder to find everything you need, which would make Passover.com a natural resource for them.

This year, the online store will provide a great service for people who are trying to avoid extra trips to the grocery store for the sake of COVID-safety. “I'm excited about the transformational potential of Passover.com," says Daniel Lysak, Passover.com’s Ecommerce Director. “From cooking and baking supplies to matzo and grape juice, from matzah ball mix to macaroons, you can check off your shopping list well in advance, in one shopping session. We’ve gathered a collection of high-quality items from a wide assortment of brands.” Passover.com also offers a Seder Essentials Kit, where one can order Seder supplies in ONE click.