April 28, 2014

Passover 2014 isÉ as Advertised

NEW  YORK — Quinoa and a new kitniyot certification may not be the only signature developments this past Passover. The unprecedented advertisements in Jewish publications, particularly the Orthodox weekly newspapers and magazines may be another defining moment. In major markets throughout the nation, retailers featured their customary Passover ads with specials on matzoh, gefilte fish, and a few new items. But this year, some of the major brands took out full page ads just to brand their products.

Haolam Cheese touted its longevity serving the kosher market for “4 generations.” Gefen adapted a nutritional panel to flag its flavor, quality, kashrus and freshness. Mehadrin too highlighted its 60 year history. Others were Norman’s emphasizing its quality Greek Yogurt products even on Passover and a separate ad showing how Greek Yogurt is made, Golden Flow, Schering, Klein’s Ice Cream, J&J, Lieber’s (with many new items including its Almond Flour, Solomon’s, Goldbaum’s with its many healthy snack items, b’gan frozen produce, and Natural & Kosher Cheese). 

Wines were also heavily advertised, including Kedem imports like Castel and P’sagot. The relatively new cadre of kosher independents were major advertisers as well, including KRM, Pomegranate, Gourmet Glatt, and Evergreen to name but a few. The unprecedented number of food ads contributed to publications that could have been measured in weights, rather than in pages. Distributors point out that a growing trend is home cooked meals by younger consumers, hence the success of the kosher cookbooks and the special supplements in the Orthodox magazines and newspapers. Jewish newspapers throughout the countries featured recipes and articles by leading chefs.

Advertisement photo courtesy of The Jewish Home magazine